Donor Self-Serve

  • Improved user experience when revising/editing Recurring Schedules.
  • A descriptive error now displays when requesting an authentication code with an unknown email.
  • Resolved: Facebook and Google logins now behave as expected.
  • Recurring donations: When adding an additional designation, new totals are now properly reflected on the Recurring Donations table.
  • Entering new information using the Update Profile interface no longer requires a refresh to view updated data after selecting Save.
  • When merging donor records, users can now log in using their updated email address rather than their old email address. Users will then be prompted to reset their passwords.
  • Changed language in the Merge Donor interface to be more descriptive.


  • Suggested donation amounts in the single-page embed will now display as whole dollar amounts rather than a decimal.
  • Improved ReCaptcha functionality.


  • Additional donations after ticket sales will now be recorded in their own column in reports.
  • Single-day events now display only the day and time of the event, rather than two separate start and end times/dates.
  • Resolved: When purchasing tickets, closing out of the Order Summary panel no longer restarts the ticket purchase process.
  • The promotional code field no longer appears if there are no promotional codes associated with the event.


  • Organizations now receive P2P gift notification emails at the same time as the donor.
  • Customized receipts at the campaign level now inherited by individual P2P programs.
  • Duplicated P2P campaigns no longer permanently retain the Title of their originals.
  • Designated funds are now a required field when creating a P2P program page.


  • Automatically-generated IRS forms 1098c, 8282, and 8283 have been updated to include Donor TIN.
  • Resolved: App6 and App4 now properly load in Internet Explorer 11.
  • When requesting a password reset for an email address not in the iDonate database, a descriptive error will now display instead of a confirmation code prompt.

Organization Self-Serve

  • Resolved: Duplicate Designation error no longer appears unexpectedly.